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Downwinders Galore: Jericoacoara, Brazil

Brazil, kite surfing downwinder

Everybody talks about this place and the wind here does not disappoint. The strong easterly winds blowing everyday along the Northern coastline of this amazing country make for it to be one of those places kitesurfers dream about. The closer you get to the small village of Jeri (as the locals call it), the stronger the winds become reaching 30-35knts daily. Kiting in Jeri itself is not that easy...

Waves and Rainbows: Le Morne, Mauritius

Le Morne, Mauritius

Riding waves under rainbows….. What else can I say about this place. The amazingly beautiful island of Mauritius situated off the coast of East Africa is by far one of the best wave spots on earth for kitesurfing waves. If you are a beginner to riding a surfboard (as I was when I arrived) or a seasoned pro, Mauritius will not disappoint as the conditions around the south east coastal area of Le...

Flatwater for days: Safety Bay, Australia

Sunset kiting

So you like flat water? Anything more than a ripple on the water and you call it a choppy day? Well if this is you, I suggest you head to Safety Bay (aka. The Pond) in Western Australia. By far one of the flattest water places with epic strong winds brought in every afternoon by the Fremantle Doctor (more on this later). The only thing that will stop you kiting here is you wanting to watch the...

Sunshine, Wind and Waves: Noosa, Australia

Noosa River Mouth

By far one of the best kite launch spots in the world with its large, fine sand exposed sandbars that also makes for some of the best flat water spots I have ever kited. When the summer (December – February) north easterly winds kick in on the east coast of Australia, this region turns into a dream place for kiting. The sun on your skin, the warm water and the consistent winds that are...

Aloha and Mahalo: Maui, USA

Black Sand Beach - Maui

A place where the wind and the waves come together to create some of the greatest kiting conditions you will ever experience. No wonder this is the birth place of the sport I so truly love. It has been a place where I have wanted to visit since starting kiteboarding over 2 years a go and it did not disappoint. The crystal clear blue waters of the pacific mixed with a thermal gradient wind fueled...

Caribbean Kiting Oasis: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Kite Beach, Cabarete

Cabarete… a little town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic that is known by many as one of the funnest places to come if you are into wind sports. Not many places in the windy world have a community like Cabarete. Windsurfers have been coming to this town since the 80’s and since the birth of kite surfing, a whole new generation of wind lovers have to started to come. Quick...

The Salty and Windy Red Sea: Soma Bay, Egypt

Tobia Island - Soma Bay, Egypt

The beautiful Red Sea has some of the bluest waters that you will find on this planet and it also delivers wind 300+ days a year. These two factors make it one of the best places to visit if you are kiter. Quick Location Overview: Windy Months: March – October (but they say they get 300 windy days/year) Air Temperature: 25 – 40°C (77 – 104°F) Water Temperature: 21 – 28°C...

The wind-ridden one (in Greek, Ανεμόεσσα): Lemnos, Greece

Keros Beach

A place not many have traveled to or thought of as a kitesurfing location but this island in the north of the Aegean sea is a must if you want to avoid the European summer crowds but want great wind, clear blue Mediterranean water and sandy beaches. Keros Beach Quick Location Overview: Windy Months: June – September Air Temperature: 26 – 32°C (79 – 90°F) Water Temperature: 20...

Tech and Kiting Mecca: Sherman Island, USA

Sherman Island

San Francisco and Silicon Valley is well known as the place to be if you are a tech entrepreneur as it draws people from all around the world. But, you might not be aware that it is also home to one of the most consistent, strongest wind areas in North America making it a fantastic place to kite in the Summer season. Sherman Island, Launch/Landing Area I am going to focus on one spot in...

Raging Winds and Shipwrecks: Abrolhos Islands, Australia

lone kiter - Abrohlos Islands

Western Australia is well known for being one of the world’s best kitesurfing destinations and the Houtman Abrolhos (Abrolhos Islands) is the jewel in the crown. It is made up of a chain of 122 islands, and associated coral reefs, in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia. This small patch of coral reefs and cays has some of the most beautiful water in the world to kite. Abrolhos...

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