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I am always finding new hints and tips on both kiting and traveling so I decided to put a list together of these. I travel solo and I carry my life with me everywhere (small suitcase, backpack and of course my kite bag). I have tried and tested a lot to date and always willing to give a new piece of hardware, hack or app a go. Anything that makes my life simpler, lighter and more pleasurable while traveling this big windy planet.

My Travel Kit – A list of everything that I travel this planet with.

Apps and Websites – This is a brief list of all the handy apps and websites I use.

Global Sim Card – This is how I have a reliable internet connection everywhere.

Minimalist Traveling  – A post about how I approached traveling with everything I own.

Welcome to iKite.Surf

Dakhla - Ken

My name is Ken and I love to kite and travel the world to experience the best conditions this planet has to offer. I am from Australia and have worked in manufacturing and tech startups all my life and now searching for that perfect kiting location. I created this blog to let others know where to go, where to stay and what type of kiting conditions they will experience when traveling to these locations. More about it here

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