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I travel, I kite and I love exploring this big blue planet of ours and its endless supply of magnificently windy locations.

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Ceylon Tea and Incredible Wind: Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

A remote area on the west coast of Sri Lanka where you will find nothing but coconut palms and blowing winds. What more could a kiteboarder want. Kitesurfing Lanka Camp Kalpitiya is a small village on the western coast of Sri Lanka. Well known for its coconut production and fishing communities. The village sits on the edge of the large tidal lagoon called Puttalam Lagoon that offer flat water...

Sahara Nights: Dakhla, Morocco

Dakhla - Ken

An oasis in the desert that is drawing kite boarders from all over the world to this remote location. Sunrise over Dakhla Lagoon Dakhla is a small city in Western Sahara, a disputed territory currently administered by Morocco. Dakhla has a huge tidal lagoon, some beautiful surf beaches and solid consistent wind that make for an amazing world class kiting location. Quick Location Overview:...

Apps & Websites

Apps & Websites
bStoked – Has a cool feature that shows a map and the probability of wind for each country based on the month of year., WindGuru, WindFinder
AirBnB or KiteBnB
Hotel Tonight
RomWod – Help improve flexibility
Balance Board – Help improve knee and ankle strength

My Travel Kit


Kite Gear Kites Liquid Force Solo v2 12m (2016) – I love this kite and it gives me an awesome wind range and packs up smaller than my other kites as it has only one strut. Not only does it pack up smaller but this minimalist design also means a huge weight reduction. More kites 😀 Liquid Force NV 10.5m (2017) – This kite is my favorite kite to ride everyday. It is fast turning and...

Adventure traveling like a minimalist

We are all very aware that we live in a consumer society where we all buy, consume and update way more often than we probably need to. But why do we all need this stuff and more importantly, what should I take with me on a global roaming adventure that has no end date that I am about to embark on? I would rather own little and see the world , than own the world and see little of it (Alexander...

Welcome to iKite.Surf

Dakhla - Ken

My name is Ken and I love to kite and travel the world to experience the best conditions this planet has to offer. I am from Australia and have worked in manufacturing and tech startups all my life and now searching for that perfect kiting location. I created this blog to let others know where to go, where to stay and what type of kiting conditions they will experience when traveling to these locations. More about it here

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