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Adventure traveling like a minimalist

We are all very aware that we live in a consumer society where we all buy, consume and update way more often than we probably need to. But why do we all need this stuff and more importantly, what should I take with me on a global roaming adventure that has no end date that I am about to embark on? I would rather own little and see the world , than own the world and see little of it (Alexander...

Welcome to iKite.Surf

Dakhla - Ken

My name is Ken and I love to kite and travel the world to experience the best conditions this planet has to offer. I am from Australia and have worked in manufacturing and tech startups all my life and now searching for that perfect kiting location. I created this blog to let others know where to go, where to stay and what type of kiting conditions they will experience when traveling to these locations. More about it here

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